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Meccaland 2019 Better Than Disneyland

Hi all, this will be more of a photo/visual essay of what I got to see at the #Meccaland2019 PR event held in Sydney. To start off with, I feel incredibly lucky and grateful that I was invited to Meccaland (I was invited to the PR event for the first one in 2018 and also was incredibly blessed). I honestly feel like I've won the Lotto!

I've also Highlighted all of the IG Instastories on my profile page. It is saved under "Meccaland 2019" (click here to to see it).

I had intended to vlog for my Youtube channel but couldn't for copyright issues with music in the background.

This will be more of a visual diary of #Meccaland 2019. This year, there were over 40 brands there including NARS, Too Faced, Urban Decay, Drunk Elephant, HOURGLASS, Tatcha, Go-To (coming to MECCA in April), Stila, Laura Mercier, MECCA MAX, bareMinerals, M.A.C..

I hope you enjoy the photos and videos! #Meccaland 2019 was/is amazing - total heaven for any #meccabeautyjunkie

We were all also given a very generous goodie bag to take home which I'll share more with you soon.

Meccaland 2019

Meccaland 2019

The invitation to the Meccaland VIP Party came as a super soft t-shirt!

Meccaland 2019 compared to Meccaland 2018

#Meccaland 2019 was much larger than #Meccaland 2018. I think 2018's was 1/3 of Meccaland 2019. There were so many fun activities to do and there was even a Ferris Wheel!! There were also lots of areas where you could sit and grab something to eat.

Meccaland 2019 Map

You can see from the Map above that there are just so many things you can do at Meccaland 2019!

The brands at Meccaland 2019 have been grouped into five different areas:

  1. The Queendom

  2. City of Lights

  3. Popstar Park

  4. The Wild Flowers

  5. Temple of You

Waiting excitedly for the party to begin

I could stare at the lights all day and night! I really loved this tunnel leading into Meccaland 2019.

SO SPARKLY!! There is a "tunnel" of lights as you enter. Make sure you look up at #meccaland

There was an opening speech from Mecca's Founder Jo Horgan.

So many cool decorations at Meccaland 2019

I just kept going "wow" "WOW" "wow"!!

An aerial view of just a small portion of Meccaland 2019

EVERTHING at #meccaland was just amazing!

meccaland 2019
Dancing Glitter Person

As we entered into Meccaland, we were led on a short tour of the floor. Yes, there is a person covered in glitter dancing! #sosparkly

Meccaland 2019 - where to go first?!

Hello! Come join me at Meccaland 2019!!

How could I resist??? #meccaland

Whopee!! me on the ferris wheel. YES! There was a Ferris Wheel!

Meccaland 2019 Drunk Elephant

#YSL had a really cool stand with this spinning wheel. You can get a customised lipstick - there were different caps to choose from and they engrave them on the spot!

#elemis #skincare
The Great Tower of Elemis

How could I resist swinging in this #NARS bubble!! #meccaland I love NARS!!

Meccaland 2019
I did actually run up and down this temple!

You can watch me running up and down this temple on my IG Stories "MECCALAND2019"

#skincare #gotoskincare
GOOOOOO to Go-To!!

Super fun activities to do!

Tatcha Meccaland 2019
Yes, T for me :) LOVE Tatcha!

There was a super cool #Tatcha tunnel!

#byterry #meccaland #meccaland2019
Customisable By Terry Palettes at Meccaland 2019

These are simply to die for! You can get a customised (a single shade, two shades and three shades) but you have to make sure you book in your time slot to get one. I really want one of each :) #byterry #SWOON

Meccaland 2019
My favourite blush ever from Hourglass!!

I was so excited to learn that Hourglass has now produced the gorgeous "Mecca" shade from the limited edition palette as a single blush with a matching lip gloss!!

YES!!! Hurray for the Maison Margiela for getting me to do this! The team at Meccaland were so so friendly and loads of fun!

Laura Mercier! Great lipsticks in every shade

Meccaland 2019
Such pretty displays!