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Hello friends! If you love sparkly things like me, I think you will enjoy this review of Bite Beauty's Prismatic Pearl Multisticks!

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I absolutely love Bite Beauty's Multisticks. They are compact but really pack a punch in terms of performance and colour. I love how safe it is to use too. In fact, for women expecting or nursing babies, Bite Beauty is the No. 1 recommended brand at Sephora.

This lovely set of five prismatic goodness were kindly gifted by Bite Beauty and One Day Dream PR. Much gratitude to both for their support.

In Australia, Bite Beauty is available exclusively to Sephora. You can shop these by clicking here.

Each of these Prismatic Pearl Multisticks retail in Australia for RRPA$ 37. Well worth the price.


The Gang of Five

Multisticks can be worn on the eyes, lips and face. These Prismatic Pearl ones are Bite Beauty's "safe" versions of the current prismatic trend.

Pink Pearl

Oyster Pearl

Blush Pearl

Peacock Pearl

Rose Pearl



From top to bottom: Peacock Pearl, Blush Pearl; Oyster Pearl; Rose Pearl and Pink Pearl.

It is hard to capture the "prismatic goodness" of these in still shots. The photos you see here are me attempting to flex the paper swatches so you can see the change in shade as the light hits the pigments.

Hence the reason why I am going back to my Youtube channel. If you are not already subscribed to my Instagram (teacupofmakeup) why I have done live swatches of these saved under the Highlight "SWATCHES" and "DEMOS", please click here.

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From top to bottom: Peacock Pearl, Blush Pearl; Oyster Pearl; Rose Pearl and Pink Pearl.

From top to bottom: Peacock Pearl, Blush Pearl; Oyster Pearl; Rose Pearl and Pink Pearl.

From top to bottom: Peacock Pearl, Blush Pearl; Oyster Pearl; Rose Pearl and Pink Pearl.


Overall Performance

I felt that, whilst they swatch beautifully, they were a bit trickier to apply on the eyes. They work great as face and lip products.

They have a "slip" to them, that did crease on my eyelids, but I have a tip below.

Compared to the original Multisticks, I would say they are slightly below the performance of the originals, which I LOVE TO THE MOON AND BACK!

They certainly are very pretty on the face and lips. The only down side I can think off is just that they don't perform quite as well on the eyes (except for the inner corners) as the original multisticks.

Like the original multisticks, I could hardly detect any scent or taste.

I would recommend Rose Pearl, Blush Pearl and Peacock Pearl out of the five to try first.



I used Pink Pearl, Blush Pearl; Peacock Pearl on top of the multistick "cashew" (which is a lovely brown pink neutral).

If you have oily or discoloured eye lids, it is best to use a primer that helps colour correct. The multisticks do "slip" a little, so my tip is to set them by gently patting on some translucent setting powder (that is safe on the eyes).

Pink Pearl on cheekbones and Blush Pearl on the lips

Oyster Pearl on the eyelids by itself; with Blush Pearl in the inner corners

Pink Pearl layered on Cashew, with Peacock Pearl at the crease and highlighted by Blush Pearl.


I hope you found this very quick review helpful! Drop me an email (makeupmanic88@gmail.com) or DM me on my Instagram (@teacupofmakeup) and let me know what you would like an in-depth review of. I hope you found this review useful. Yours Truly with Lots of Love, TeacupOfMakeup. 待会见! 可爱的小茶杯!

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